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The Legio Secvnda Consvlaris in Cannae


On 14 May 2016 the cultural Association Mos Maiorum and the Barletta's Committee Pro Canne della Battaglia signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at the drawing of an 'innovative joint project of formation in experimental archaelogy in the places of the Battle of Cannae', first example in southern Italy of re-enactment as a discipline to be practised on scientific basis.


The initiative has been made public during the conference 'Hannibal wins: and the battle of Cannae always makes news since 2 August 2016 b.C.', held in the territorial Command of the Guardia di Finanza police in Barletta and curated by the Committee Pro Canne della Battaglia alongside with the Barletta's Section of the ANFI (National Association Guardia di Finanza Agents of Italy).


Last 21 may 2015, in Cannae, a joint Mos Maiorum - Committee Pro Canne della Battaglia press conference was held, during which the 'Legio Secvnda Consularis' was presented and the project of study and istorical reconstruction was officially initiated on-the-field, in the very places of Hannibal's military and strategic masterpiece during the second Pinic War (2 August 216 b.C.).


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